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Over the last few decades there’s been a significant rise in chronic lifestyle diseases. It’s a concerning trend, isn’t it? Have you ever pondered about the factors behind this notable increase?

Several factors contribute to this surge in chronic lifestyle diseases. The evolution of our modern lifestyles, including changes in dietary patterns towards processed foods and sedentary routines, our distancing from nature and increased exposure to various environmental toxins and stressors also contribute significantly to this upward trajectory.

It’s important to reconsider the approach because often, we tend to view each disease as stemming from separate causes. However, in reality, many of these ailments are interconnected, stemming from common underlying changes that are entirely within our power to modify for the better.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine offers a fresh perspective on the body, viewing it as an intricate ecosystem. Within this complex system, interconnected networks regulate our functions. However, when this delicate balance falters, the effects can be profound. Unlike conventional medicine, which often addresses symptoms with medications, Functional Medicine delves deeper to identify and address the root causes behind the onset and progression of diseases.

When you start addressing the root causes, here are some of the signs that you are healing!

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& Vibrant

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